The activities of LLC RN-PEREVALKA are (inter alia) in the industry: Inland Shipping (Freight) . This category has the main category: 'Transport and storage', and is further subdivided by: 'Water transport', subcategory 'Inland waterway (freight, tank and ash).

LLC RN-PEREVALKA was established in February 20, 2018 aiming on its principal competencies auxiliary transportation, petroleum storage and related logistics service. Over this few years, we have established a good relationship with many clients whom have entrusted their daily delivery operations and storage on us. It includes the improvements for a world-class fleet of trucks as well as warehousing facilities for the high expectations and demand of our clients. That enhances our growth along the way and a opportunity to increase our tank storage service capabilities. We are among the top operators of oil terminals in Netherlands, Houston & Russian Federation with various storage capacities with our continuous partnership with other major tank storage providers in Europe and the United States with bulk liquid cargo storage facilities.

Tank Farm Storage

LLC RN-PEREVALKA is a global provider of storage and shipment of oil and vessel company. The company main activity is rendering of storage tanks.

ocean Fright

LLC RN-PEREVALKA has the responsibility to load, unload, receive and deliver cargoes in the most efficient way.

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